Monday, 6 April 2009

4am 1909?

I thought the 4amproject was a new concept but going through an old shoe box I found this. It seems my great Grandfather was taking part 100 years ago, so I thought I'd scan it to show you.

OK I'm just pulling your leg! This is the last shot that I'm posting from the 4th and whilst the straight shot, which you can see here, was ok I thought it rather plain and boring lacking the atmosphere of the first shot I posted on the 4th. So I played around somewhat and came up with this. I realise it's not to everyone's taste but I like to produce a textured image once in a while and on top of that it summed up the way I was feeling at this particular time.

Let me know your thoughts, good, bad or ugly.



paolo said...

very nice image! looks to travel back into time, great treatment.

JJ said...

You almost had me with the grandfather shot story :)

I think the original shot is interesting but not as much as the previous 4AM post, and I really like the effect you have added here, giving it a real aged and perhaps surreal feel

Briony said...

i really like the texture and the does transport you back to another time :) great job!

Ilan said...

It's raises a question about where it the photo ends and digital art begins. I think it's more of a digital painting than a photo, on the other hand - Why categorize it? :)
Great result, awesome colors and atmosphere. I love it, no matter how it called :)

Tammy-Cricket said...

I really like what you have done with this photo!

I have many garden scenes that would be great this way. There are just certain pictures that need adjustments! You did have me going with the grandfather story.

I love it.

Christopher said...

That is really wild. I like it.