Monday, 20 April 2009

Home From Home

Another glorious spring day here today, it would seem spring is the new summer!

Thanks to those of you that left comments on your increasing stash of images yesterday, it was nice to know I'm not alone. Some of you seem to be very organized though, not really acceptable, you're making the rest of us look bad!! ;-)

This is another shot from Languard fort. I tried to imagine it in its heyday, it must have been quite impressive. These rooms on the upper levels with large mouldings, arched windows and each with a fireplace I'm guessing would have been for officers but I don't know for sure. Some of the rooms on the lower levels with wash rooms and multiple showers seemed like the regulars soldiers quarters. I've some more images to come of those places, well if they work out of course.

I converted this to B&W but let the barest of colour back through on the opacity. Also, usually, I try to avoid symmetry but I think it suited this subject. I'd be interested in your thoughts on all aspect as usual.



Ilan said...

It's great. The low angle and the many frame of that door (?) prevent you from understating/seeing the actual size of the frame.
It can be a very fancy mouse hole and a huge door all in the same time.
Wonderful result and processing.

csj @ID7 said...

I love symmetry and perspective in shots... dont er away from it.. embrace it mate.
If I'd captured this image, I may have gone for a little more at top of frame, its where my eye shoots straight to.... like it tho...

JJ said...

Awesome shot such a low down point of view

sorry for short comment but so so tired