Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fading Memories#Take Two!

I hope you'll forgive me for posting the same image twice but whilst I liked certain aspects of the edit from yesterday something was bothering me.

It didn't meet my expectations, I had a vision in my minds eye when I took that shot. I was sitting having a cup of tea several hundred yards away, the memories were racing around my head and I could see the potential for the shot so much so that I could hardly wait to get over there. All in all yesterday's didn't have the quality of finish I had been expecting or wanting so I started from scratch this evening, came up with this and I'm much happier.

Please let me know your thoughts, if you'd be so kind, on this new version and your preference between the two.

Just a note on the title; My thinking was that the memories were still just as fresh in my mind as they'd always been but the evidence on the landscape was fading away. I hope that makes sense :)



Suz said...

this one is sooo much better :-)

z-vet said...

I like this one more that the B&W version, color on sand and skies adds a lot here IMO.

Darietto said...

amazing use of light!!
quite sad and lonely..fantastic pic!

Nabeel said...

very pretty shot .. calming, I should say. Great locations you have, where you live. Over here, we can't find such scenic places.