Friday, 1 May 2009

Nessy Returns

Well how many posts that have this part of the estuary in can you stand before you stop visiting?

The truth is that this in response to some critique on the last image that included Nessy here. As you might know this blog runs in two places and on AM3 there's a critique area in the forums, if you haven't visited yet do so! It's a great place to get some constructive but friendly feedback on your images with a view to improving.

I mentioned there that I had another shot that didn't include the distracting tower in the corner of the shot. I said in the forum that I probably wouldn't post the shot but I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out so I thought why not?

Let me know your thoughts as always and if you have the time how it compares to the previous shot? There's only two minor things that are bugging me with this version; There's some slight lens distortion that I can't seem to correct well and Nessy seems a little stark against the sky, almost as if this is a tone mapped HDR but it's not. These are just niggles and not enough to stop me liking it.



z-vet said...

I like both photos and can't say if one is better than another. They are very different: greater perspective in first one, more interesting colors and point of view here.

Nabeel said...

This is a very interesting shot .. more interesting is the angle, I love it. Also love the color manipulation, what was the natural color like?

Ilan said...

This is one, in my humble opinion, is way better than the previous one.
First, as you already mentioned, the tower is no longer there.
Second, the processing here looks much better - There is drama in the skies, and you made that log appear like a hand, bagging for help.
This one is FTW :)

Tammy- said...

Great one!

richard said...

It's the sky,it brings your eye down to the log,nice touch.
Looked at both and this is the better.

Summerthyme Studio said...

Love this!