Sunday, 3 May 2009

Passing Fashion

We spent the day out at Duxford today. It was their Spring Car Show, they hold lots of different events there throughout the year and it's nice to go along and see something different.

They also had some military vehicles displaying, after which you could take a trip in an armoured personnel carrier so Thomas and I took a ride. It was a bit hairy and you had to hold on for dear life but it was fun. There are some fetching photos of us both in hard hats and rubber goggles which I hope never see the light of day!

I have to say I wasn't feeling that inspired when it came to photography. I'm not the biggest fan of car photos but there were some gorgeous cars there including my favourite TVR's (what a sound they make :))))) but these sort of events are not good for images I find. There's always something distracting in the frame, lots of people for a start and if you manage to get a clear shot then you've other cars close by, buildings etc in the background. I think I only have two shots that were ok and may or may not blog them-we'll see!

I mentioned some time ago that us chaps seem to spend a while waiting for our female counterparts. So sitting outside the loos :) I noticed that there was a constant flow of people in and out of the building. I have admired and been inspired by a series of images by my old pal at ID7 called "The Passerby Series" so this is my take on that and tipping my cap to him and his work. Go check them out!



Christopher said...

What an interesting shot of motion.