Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fun Fair No Go Go!

Things are reaching fever pitch, I'm rushing around trying to get stuff finished before my week off and my brain is working twice as fast. I actually had a dream last night about a solution to a problem and it actually worked! First time for everything.

It'll take me most of the week to relax and then I'll be back to work, it's always the same so I might as well just accept it now, I'm crackers :-/

So on top of this I felt compelled to blog, I guess that whilst you're in this state of mind you get stuff done.

This is the pier at Felixstowe. I had read before I travelled that the pier had become derelict and whilst I was sad that this might be the case I thought it would make a good photo op. However it's not, the front section is still open with the usual £1 a go amusements ( remember the days when a small bag of 2p's would last hours?), the rest is just fenced off. There used to be a huge slide and other rides on here when I was a kid, hours of fun were had on those long hot summer evenings now it's just left to rot until it falls down I guess, a rescue plan was abandoned I read somewhere. Perhaps an MP could declare it a second home, be fixed up in no time ;-)



Mark McGowan said...

I'm always torn by the sad state of a lot of our seaside towns - it's a shame that a lot of them are struggling but abandoned piers and fairs are seriously cool photographic matter!

Anyway, cracking shot - love the ghostly skies and vanishing point.

csj @ID7 said...

I like this image, it has a very obscure feel of why, when where and what. Its like it shouldn't belong. Bumper cars and a pier and that bendy wire and then the water. The vanishing point is also cool as you cant quite see the end of the pier. And I like the plane that has changed trajectory. Lots in this image.