Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Last Defender#Take Two

Phew, it's been a busy day, a busy weekend actually.

Apart from my usual break to watch the Grand Prix of course, can't miss that! What a fairytale season it's been so far for Jenson Button eh? Well deserved too, he's had a rough few years!

I deliberated hard over this post as to whether I should post a straight B&W or this textured version. First because I like to vary my work and second because I'm always conscience of the fact you might get bored. In the end though I preferred the textured version as it has more atmosphere for me. I tried to imagine a wartime photograph that had been kept in a wallet or carried around in some way for the last sixty odd years, have I achieved that look or gone over the top?

As a side note I think I may have a screen calibration problem. I had the "A Postcard From Hertford" image from the other day printed. I used a reputable lab that's had very good reviews and when I received the print I was pretty happy-until I got it home and compared it to the version on my screen. It's too dark, a lot of the foreground highlight detail has been lost. Now did the lab get it wrong or is my screen not set up properly? I know that I've noticed a difference when I've viewed the blog on other screens but I put it down to cheap screens.

My question is does anyone know a good way to calibrate your screen without spending a fortune to do it?



Jerry Freeman said...

Seat of the pants method is to dim your monitor 2-3 clicks while editing. I have Spyder, fairly cheap in the grand scheme of things.

PixeLuz said...

The textures work very well. Before reading your text, I thought of this war atmosphere you are talking about.

Nabeel said...

I like this photo, reminds me of a war front, I dunno why though. Oh I know, the video games. WWII front.

Nadine Deruyck said...

great atmosphere !!!! great work