Thursday, 28 May 2009

Walk & Talk In Four Four Time

Well I did take my camera with me on the London ghost walk last night and to be honest I really didn't shoot a lot.

I thought I might shoot some more afterwards but there really wasn't much time and the streets were quite rowdy, there had been a football game I think (that's not a jest, I really don't follow or watch the sport at all).

Whilst we waited outside the tube station I did shoot a couple of frames, this being one. I've borrowed the title from a song but I'm going to let you guess what it is, can you?



csj said...

Strange old town, that Strange town mate... nice one.

Rob said...

I love this kind of photography. This is an example of what I enjoy the most of street photography. You have stationary people while capturing the motion of people passing by...making it feel like you are truly standing there taking in the scene. Great shot!

Ilan said...

That's a great street photography.
Not only because it was taken on street (:P) but it catches that street mood of hectic movement and blurry faces.
Me like!

Tammt-Cricket said...

Hey...I really like this image. Every person having their own thoughts about their own life at the same time.

Fresh Mommy said...

Song, no guess here... but love the photo!!


martie said...

Love it! Motion and stillness all in one shot! And the flavor of life. Great shot.