Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Postcard From Hertford

Funny old things bank holidays aren't they? The Monday feels like Sunday, the Tuesday then feels like Monday and despite have an extra day you seem to achieve less than you would on an ordinary weekend! It's a conundrum for sure! :-/

This is an image from our recent walk along the canal through Hertford and it's another that changed direction whilst processing. I did not intend to add any textures but as I went along the older the scene felt, looking akin to something that had been hand tinted until I arrived at what you see here.

I guess it could open the whole debate of photography becoming digital art but such things in my own work don't concern me and each to their own I say. That's not to say you shouldn't voice your opinion, I'm always happy to have a friendly debate :)



Mark McGowan said...

Nice work - I've been experimenting with textures myself but I've not come up with anything as well blended as this.

Ilan said...

Ok.. Just a few minutes ago I wrote about my failure trying to reproduce your processing.. And I got this.
It just missing Tom Sawyer there and that's it :) - Awesome result. Looks like "Mississippi, 1845" or something like that :)

Tammy- said...

This is fantastic! Ok...I am motivated again.

Fresh Mommy said...

Wow, just gorgeous!! The clarity and coloring are amazing!!!