Thursday, 21 May 2009

Dirty Magazine

I'm nearly there, just one more day and then a week off :)

It'll be a heavy day tomorrow but it'll be worth it and then I'll have time to cut the grass, clean the car, paint the fence-hold on a minute it's starting to sound like work!! ;-)

This is another image from Languard Fort, underground in the magazine where all the shells would have been kept then sent up to the guns via an ingenious shell lift system. Apart from that I don't think I've got much else to say about it or indeed anything else.



Tammy-Cricket said...

Oh this is great. Look at this angle. Perfect picture and perfect title.

I mowed my grass, washed my car, but I didn't paint a fence today.

Have a great weekend.

Ilan said...

Very symbolic image.
On one hand, shells were kept here, on the other, we see a hallway with a "Light in the end of the tunnel".
Nice. Strong.

martie said...

Wonderful angle - and the light is giving it a very eerie effect! Enjoy your upcoming week!

plainstufftoo said...

cool picture! enjoy the perspective ...