Wednesday, 29 July 2009

School Time

I can tell that my holidays are nearly here because work is busy, beyond flat out! Always seems to be the way, a mad rush to get everything done in time. I'm not complaining mind, with the current economic climate we're pretty lucky.

I resisted the urge to go back to the Duxford images today......just!

This is an image shot back in June during the village's Gardens Open day and is our local school which had opened it's own gardens too. It's an interesting place, not only is it an excellent school but it's also a listed building.

The original school was hit by a V1 flying bomb in 1944 just a few yards from my house and this school was built further down the road post war. Being one of the first to be constructed to an experimental design it became listed in 1993.

Let me know your thoughts as always.



Elaine- said...

hey Craig!!! nice photo, personally i would have put a texture on it haha... you totally brought back painting in big shirts memories for me too!! thanks for that :P (trauma) lol... so now i found out i can transfer my entries from pixyblog to wordpress, check it out and tell me which you prefer?

z-vet said...

Interesting composition. I like the use of DOF here. Sepia toning fits perfect IMO, especially in the skies. Very very interesting capture, it looks simple at first but there's actually so many details to see.
My domain registration has expired, i reverted to Blogger for now so it's Hope i'll fix it soon.

PixeLuz said...

The little sculpture on the foreground points to the buildings in the background, which make a very good composition. Now I hope I can see another shot focusing on this interesting listed architecture.

john said...

This picture brought back memories of school days on cold winter days.

Carolyn Ford said...

I also like the way it points to the buildings in the blurred background! Great depth of field! Perfect post for "point."