Monday, 13 July 2009

One Ship Still Missing

As you may have read we went off yesterday to the Flying Legends airshow.

The weather stayed fine (in fact I've never had a bad day for this show) and the show was fantastic. Almost three hours of magnificent flying, too many highlights to mention.

I knew that my longest lens was nowhere near long enough for good aerial shots (not that it stopped me trying) so we got there earlier and went on the flight line walk. It was full of folks in period dress and they made for a great photo op. I shot several hundred frames, most of which are just for me but I did capture some that I will post and this is the first. I didn't go for the posed shots, they don't really interest me. This young lady really looked the part and I managed to capture this shot, she seemed to have a distant, lonely look, despondent even.

I didn't feel that full colour was appropriate for the mood. As a side note, on a WWII airfield with aircraft and people to match it was still difficult to get a frame without something modern in it!

So let me know what you think as always.


P.S. small update, I've just entered this shot into Photo Friday because this is one of my favourite spots to be! :)


csj said...

Brilliant, mate... I like the treatment, the sentiment and the image overall. If you publish a book, I'll make this one is included! ;-)

k@ said...

Even better here !! My favorite picture on the web today ! Thks, Craig, we feel as if in a movie from the 40's with your 'Pink Lady' heroines (plane & woman)

PixeLuz said...

Makes me think of Casablanca... Well, her expression is incredibly subtle. And you captured it perfectly. One of your best shots, in my opinion.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Wow, this photo is incredible. I'm so glad I found you...I'll be stopping by often.

Nukke said...

So beautiful and well framed !!!!Just like from a dream or a movie !

Nukke said...

Hi again ! And yes this is very candid !!!! I have a street Artist in my pic :)

shaker said...

Great shot, and the processing fits it !

Frida said...

Beautiful image with excellent processing.