Thursday, 2 July 2009

Heart Of The Village

It's still scorchio (The Fast Show:) here in the south of England, I like it but I'd rather be on my hols enjoying it that's for sure!

This is another textured image and that's three in a row which is a bit unprecedented for me. It's been interesting to note people's opinions to this type of image. Some worried that it's not "within the rules" so to speak.

Personally I have no rules, I just like images in all sorts of forms. If there's one thing I have learnt on this blogging/photographic journey is I must stay true to myself and do what appeals to me, of course it's very gratifying when others like it too I can't deny. What I'm trying to say is if YOU like it then that's enough. I found myself at some point along this road producing images that I thought would appeal to others, what happened was I stopped enjoying it.

Anyway, this is an older image again and definitely inspired by the images of Michael Regnier used in the tutorial over at Chromasia and if you like these type of images I strongly recommend you go have a look. I was inspired by one image in particular and whilst I'm nowhere near the level of finesse shown there I hope I've produced something pleasing to the eye, it is to mine which illustrates my point above :) This is where I live and consider myself pretty darn lucky to.

Let me know your thoughts as always, they're much appreciated.



PixeLuz said...

It looks like we can see only the top of the village. Added to the texture, this makes the image a bit mysterious and likely more interesting than the straight shot.