Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Terra Firma

I don't think I have a lot to say today, in fact I haven't had a good old moan for ages eh? Never fear, I'm sure something will crop up soon enough ;-)

I would like to say thanks for all the great comments and responses to the last two images, it's really great when others like what you've done.

I was/am very undecided about this one. I'd planned this as a follow on of the post before last with a third to follow. With that in mind I wanted to keep that sort of feeling going with this one but I also liked the straight version. In the end, obviously, I plumped for this one but you can see the straight version here if you wish to. Let me know which you prefer, if any at all!!



z-vet said...

I like them both. Each has it's own «something», be it old photo effect here or all those reflections and clarity in straight version.
Consider making a diptych, it will look very cool IMO.

PixeLuz said...

I think i prefer this one, your post-processing adds something to it, in line with the spirit of old times gone. And i can even say i like it very much.

Elaine- said...

i love this one as opposed to the original, but you might have guessed that... you are going to have to give me your tutorial on textures! i'm beginning to be envious! :)