Friday, 24 July 2009

Safe Return

I've spent my evening up to my elbows in dirt fixing the brakes on my son's car. I also spent a whole Saturday afternoon two weeks ago doing the same.

This has taught me three things;

  • If you're replacing one wheel cylinder do the other one whilst you're at it because two weeks later it'll fail.
  • I'm really not a fan of Peugeot's policy to use many different components on the same year and model of car!
  • Last, I'm too getting too old for this stuff, I used to do it for fun and now can't remember why!!

So this is the last in the series of three I had in mind. It's not the image I was going to use but that one didn't meet my expectations. I wanted to get across a feeling of relief and joy of a loved one returning safely but I'm unsure as to whether I've achieved that aim. I can say though that I liked this image just because and that's a good enough reason for me to post it.

Ever conscience of boring myself and you this will be the last from here for a while and I'll stay away from the textures too. I do feel that they suited these subjects though.

Let me know your thoughts as always.



Elaine- said...

you are never boring, except when you talk about being boring hahaha this is a lovely shot, but i thought that the woman was wishing to be flying, looking wishfully at the skies and planes, lovely shot my friend

z-vet said...

Peugeot cars are very good, but fixing them is not always trivial.
Great shot as always, Craig, and the texture makes the picture just perfect. Can't say i've got the feeling of safe return though, it's more like she's waiting for her flight IMO. But still i like it very much.

Christopher said...

Just awesome post processing.

Ilan said...

I was sure I already commented this!
This Twitter is so confusing, I never sure where I wrote my comment :)

Kinda funny imagine you fixing the car, when you post a photo as this, and I can't stop imagining this woman fixing those war-birds of WWI.

Hong Kong Digital Vision said...

I really love the your photoshop work. Very good effect.

Chris Lee