Saturday, 18 July 2009

Whispers In The Wind


Whispers in the wind
Bygones in the breeze
Sometimes you may hear them in the bowing of the trees

More than sixty years of skies have passed
Yet still the signs exist
Rusty hangers and crumbling nissen huts
Appear through morning mist

Off you set upon your round
Putters and irons close to hand
But there’s something different about this land

Airstrip on the edge
And criss crossed paths you find
Windsock flapping in the breeze
All echoes left behind

So when you reach the eighteenth hole
And before the nineteenth beckons
Spare a thought for those who have passed
For without them
These days may never have happened

Whilst the images were all shot at Duxford the inspiration was taken from Earls Colne airfield which is now a golf and sports complex in Essex, yet from the air you can still see they were there.



Snapshutter said...

So interesting. The ghosts live on.

KayDeeElle said...

Great concept, fine shot. Very nicely executed :)

z-vet said...

Very touching. Great work.

Elaine- said...

wow Craig!! this photo is amazing, it really tells a big ol' story!!! well done you!!! p.s. i posted tonight :)

sherri said...

You have many exceptional images. This one is very creative and well done.

Yvonne said...

Amazing image! You made the mood and the feel of an era come to life. Amazing processing!! Thank you for sharing.