Friday, 26 June 2009

Shower of Inspiration

We've had everything except snow here today. Wind, rain, lightning & thunder which then cleared to leave a beautiful summer's evening!

Still this gave me a chance to try something else and I popped outside in the rain and snapped a few frames :)

I follow quite a few blogs amongst which is Chromasia & it's associated tutorials and picked up on an interview with Dave which I found most interesting and inspiring, you can hear the podcast here. After this I headed over and took a look through the tutorial regarding working in lab colour mode, something I'd skipped over before but hadn't really given it a go. I'm working on one image that I might post but I also processed the above with this method.

Let me know what you think as always. I can highly recommend Chromasia, whether you'd like to learn more about the vast application that is Photoshop or if you just like great images, if you skip back a few there's a series of three infrared shots that I really enjoyed.



Suz said...

nice :-)

Rob said...

I really lie all the splashes and trails you caught. Very nice :)