Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dusty (ish)

Another really muggy, sticky day here in the East of England, I reckon I lost a few pounds just mowing the lawn, which is probably a good thing :)

I've been awaiting the new Textures Part Two tutorial from Chromasia and now it's been published it was well worth the wait, I can recommend it without reservation. Anyone who's been following me for a while will know that I do like to dabble with textures every now and then. So with new information I produced the above image.

The original was not technically any good at all, although I have to say I liked it in a way, my wife called it her Dusty Springfield look :) Reading the new tutorial gave me an idea for this image however. I realise, as always, that it may not be to every one's taste much like HDR is or is not but I'd appreciate your thoughts either way. You can bet there will be more to come soon enough as it's it's really captured my imagination ;-)



csj said...

How many layers/textures here mate, I must try this stuff soon, as soon as I can find an hour or so. I like. It works well to recover an image, and make something new and visually interesting....

chromasia said...

This works well, and I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial :)

PixeLuz said...

Before reading i thought of a poster over a wall. And after reading, i go on with the same feeling, something like a moving mood, like an ancient image appearing and flashing back deep in the past. Nice work indeed.