Sunday, 21 June 2009

Blind Faith

Well it's Father's day and it started out ok. A quick check of our bank account this morning though revealed all was not well, one of our cards has been cloned!

Yup they cleaned us out, I'm sooo angry, we had to spend hours checking through transactions, phoning the bank, cards cancelled etc and now have no money and even if we did no access to it. Chip and Pin, safety in numbers, what a load of old codswallop!! I know I'm not the only one, so many friends getting in touch to say they'd had the same happen. I noticed because not only did they go spending our money in an electrical store they had the cheek to take whatever it was back and get a refund!!

Oh ranting about it won't help, I just hope we get it all back but as they seemed to shopping locally it's pretty hard to prove who spent what.

Still I watched the British Grand Prix, went for a nice walk, took some photos and cooked up a nice dinner which we enjoyed with both of our boys so all's not lost :)

This image comes from Gardens Open day last week, we climbed the very narrow staircase up the tower and came out into the light only to find a very narrow foot way and low walls. My wife clung on for dear life (I kid you not) whilst I shot some frames and this guy sat on the roof of the staircase cool as a cucumber reading his paper!



Robert Kruh said...

What a stunning portrait shot! Congrats, really beautiful :)

PixeLuz said...

Sad story, i thought these cloning cards were a Brazilian specialty, i guess now it's universal...

Nice capture of this fellow reading his newspaper in what looks to me an unusual place.