Friday, 31 October 2008

Very Nearly Made It

I nearly managed an image a day for this month and if wasn't for the power outage I would have done so which is a tad annoying. Ho Hum! Try again next month.

At least this life saver had not been vandalised but I did wonder how much good you would be as a potential rescuer by the time you'd run up the cliff, grabbed it and then run back down again? I guess there must be a reason for it being up so high.


3 comments: said...

Your color palette here is pretty cool - love the blue/ red couple and then the green makes a great complement..- interesting point of focus with the two characters on the beach - really makes the image working - impressive - great work !

CraigM said...

Many thanks for your comments Jean, I'd be interested to know which version you were looking at? I changed it, pushing up the red, the original looked a little flat I felt.

JJ said...

wonderful range of colors in this, I too wonder how useful the life saver is up there