Monday, 27 October 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The more I learn about Photoshop the less I feel I know and I'm finding it frustrating.

I thought I was quite happy with the methods I've been using but there's always that feeling there might be a better way, a higher quality image might result, so you try try again and then can't decide which is best anyway!

It could just be that it's Monday, my most hated day of the week!



Framen and Shot said...

We hear you. We have exactely the same feeling. However, progress can be seen, looking back on previous efforts makes the fraws obvious (just as frustrating).
Keep up the good work. As long as we are learning, there is hope.

MickieImrie said...

Hi Craig; nice picture. Also, I know exactly what you mean about photoshop - it seems like a never ending learning curve!!