Thursday, 2 October 2008

Turning Tide

I had to come home from work a little early today as I was feeling a bit Tom & Dick and I feel guilty about it. I wish I wasn't blessed with a conscience sometimes, I haven't had a whole day off sick for over six years! I bend over backwards to help others out in all sorts of ways usually for little or no thanks so I made myself a little promise today; as work still dribbles through the door I said to myself that if this job ends after 21 years of struggling, I'm not going to work for anyone else ever again!

This is another shot from the East beach in Cromer, I like it, the way the tide is on the turn and the waves are rolling in on an arc and leading my eye round. Comments welcome, good or bad, as usual.


Anonymous said...

Mate I don't know what your using or how your using it, but your black and whites are great. This shot is class. A great moment. The only touch I'd have given it would have been a softer mask on the cliff top against the sky, but its brilliant. Well done....CJ