Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Regroup, Rethink

First apologies for not having posted yesterday. This was not for lack of an image though.

I was just uploading this image, whilst snow was pouring down outside and then the electric cut off due to problem somewhere and it's only just been restored after nearly 24 hrs!

So after my thoughts of Monday I've had a rethink and decided I can only do my best and keep trying to incorporate new skills along the way. Hopefully my photography and processing will continue to improve.



JM@somedaysomewhere.net said...

Wow - great work and photography - this is my first time her..!
What kind of process in PS did U use ? Does the title has to do with it (Regroup, Rethink) !?
I just love the composition and camera position - fantastic colors (and maybe nice curves..;) and neat details everywhere
I'll be back ;)
Jean Marc

CraigM said...

Hi Jean

Many thanks for visiting and leaving your comments.

The title came from the steep learning curve that is Photoshop and applying new skills from Chromasia tutorials (very good by the way).

This was a split raw conversion with most of the work being done in raw (using CS3) with final curves adjustment and a little toning too. You have some wonderful images too, I'll be visiting some more ;O)