Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Uphill Struggle

I was listening to the radio at work today and there was a debate on the closure of local Post Offices.

Now I've never met anyone who thought that it was a good idea to close any. However they had this chap on from The Metropolitan Institute of Business (forgive me if the name isn't 100% correct). He seemed to think that anywhere outside London was in fact a rural village and we all go down to the (thatched cottage) Post Office for a bit of a chin wag. His answer to those that have lost their local Post Offices and are finding it difficult to get to another one? Move to the inner city. I kid you not, he also suggested that we let them close and join the WI (for ladies, although he probably didn't know that) or some such other social group instead. Obviously no one goes there to get their pension, pay a bill, get car tax, buy a stamp, post a parcel...........I could go on but you get the picture, his ignorance made my blood boil as he told a 73 year old woman with a bad hip to get on a bus costing £3 and travel 5 miles to go get her pension!

Rant over then, oh and there's an image today too ;O)