Sunday, 5 October 2008

Tesco Towers

Well we enjoyed our kid free evening, nice dinner, glass of wine and generally peace and quiet!

Popped out shopping today to get some things for our youngest's birthday and we got him......yeah right as if you're not reading it just to try and find out! LOL

I took the camera with me and really didn't use it much but I shot a few on the way back to the car. This, as many will know, was the Shredded Wheat factory that has been in the town since the 1920's which now stands empty.

The site has been acquired by Tesco, they've already leveled the old Polycell factory (including the old film studios) and are halfway through the Roche building. At least some of this site is listed and will remain. They're planning even more shops etc where all the people who lost their jobs can spend their wages, oh hold on they don't have any! I don't know what they plan to do with the silos I just hope it's something worthwhile. I'd like to see something that reflected the site's past and all that have worked there but short of that perhaps a gallery at the top there would be cool, displaying local artist's work. There has to be better ideas than the those that came to fruition for the old De Havilland site, the buildings there becoming KFC and the Police station, what great reminders of aviation eh? A force that for the most part spend their time on the ground and a bird that can't really fly! Oooh I'm really having a rant today but it's something that really gets to me, things will always change but not always for the better.

Oh and I'm off to have that tooth removed tomorrow so I may not be posting, see how I'm feeling!

Comments welcome as always, good, bad or even about this site and not the photograph, have a rant on my blog why don't you?



csj said...

Mate I'm with you on the gripe tonight. just look at what became of the Welwyn Lido (Stanborough Poole) it should have been preserved, but wasn't. I recon they find some structural anomoly with the Shredded Wheat building , that will evenutally end up with a back hander to a council to pay for the cock up at Hatfield with teh Galleria and the licencing of the shops. This will of course then be turned into cheap accomodation for the swelling masses...... Grrrrrr. csj.....P.S I shot this for my O'level photography and it took me ages to burn in the stacks. I remember Abbot showing me the greasy nose on neg trick to remove scrathes I never forgot that trick. And it worked.!!!!! ;-)