Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tidal Waves

I thought about deleting this blog at the weekend.

Not to give up but sometimes I feel I'm not moving forwards, not challenging myself enough. My thinking was that perhaps if I started afresh I might be more inspired to improve somewhat.

Whilst I ponder on that thought here's another shot along a beach, I went a bit further on the pp work on this one, let me know your thoughts as always.



Elaine- said...

i think it's practically perfect in every way :) my fave part is the color of the sky and the clouds... well done you!! no delete!!

Yvonne said...

I enjoy your work and your photography eye. May i suggest not deleting the blog, maybe take a break or better...give yourself a challenge....some ideas i have pondered for myself a) one picture a day that must be posted WITHOUT post processing, b) pick a theme and take 30 pictures one day at at time, or what works for me...learn that one grows when one is ready for the next step and the time before the growth is the foundation on which that growth occurs...let the growth occur at it time don't force it...either way good luck.,,,, you have a talent

martie said...

I think the shot is great! I really like the way the sand looks - so textured but smooth at the same time.

If you delete this blog - I will miss ya! Perhaps you can just reinvent?