Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Prick Up Your Ears

Well I am still here as you can see!

Thanks to all the kind words of encouragement from everyone from all sorts of sources. I don't want to stop, just move forward in some way and I think I know what I need to do.

In the meantime you'll have to keep putting up with some old shots. The textures on this were a last minute idea (as they often are with me) they seemed to add to the scene without removing anything-if you see what I mean?

If you can get the connection between the title and the image your mind is probably as warped as mine :D



Elaine- said...

no i don't 'get' the title, but it's a very cool picture!! i'm so glad you're not tearing down your blog n' stuff, glad you are 'still here'...xoxoxoxoxoxox

Yvonne said...

YEAH! Kept the images coming! Love the texture and feel of this image! If you are up to sharing what you did, I would love to learn. Happy Photo Taking.

Charles Dastodd said...

An absolutely incredible image! this is just beautiful!!

martie said...

THis one is superb! The way the boats are staggered almost look staged, yet you know it is not. And the linen texture is perfect for this one - makes it look like an "old master's" oil painting!

Robert Kruh said...

Really fantastic capture and postprocessing!! Love it ... Congrats and good day!

fredamans said...

This would look fantastic on my living room wall!!! Beautiful.

Thank you for linking up. :-)