Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Little Further Back

I've deliberated over this shot for a few days.

Most of the pp was done in a short space of time but I've stared at it for what seems like hours ever since, making minor adjustments here and there.

There were two reasons why I've hesitated to post it, the first is that it's the same scene as last time (hence the title) and second (more importantly) I can't figure out if the boats on the left are a complete distraction. My lot reckon no but I'm not so sure! I liked it enough in the end to post it, I think the tone will not be to everyone's taste but it's what I was aiming for, the full colour version was ok but a bit "Chocolate Box" for my liking.

Your honest opinions are welcome.



Yvonne said...

Honest opinion- I love the tone. I think the boats on the left work. To me it seems that the boats are framing the river. Leading the viewer to stop and wonder why. A great shot. The only boat that i would prefer not to be this is the motor boat in the back, since the tone has an old feel to it.

Elaine- said...

i think you should post yet another version cropping out the business of the boats on the left, just leave the three down in the distance on that side of the river, might be a square frame lol but i think it will look a little different yet again... it's a beautiful shot to play with i'm sure :)