Sunday, 10 January 2010

At The Helm

Blakeney,North Norfolk,Boat,Wreck
I've been mulling over some of my older shots from back in the summer and came across this.

I've posted a couple of the old boat before but I liked this one. PP is a mixture of the original shot and some tone mapped details.

At the helm? More a question to myself than about the boat I guess ;)

Let me know your thoughts as always.



fredamans said...

What an amazing shot of an old boat!

Love the grittiness of the gray skies and the loneliness of the boat.

Elaine- said...

Wow Craig!!! this is soooo cool and sooo slow loading haha, but what a great shot!!! love love the HDR and the tiny bit of blue, i just think it's all great!!

Yvonne said...

Great image, very powerful angle! Love the tone. Everything works with this image.

SamanthaClarke said...

This is gorgeous. Like the Noah's Arc.