Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Slumped In The Slips

Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday on my little friend, I told him and he seemed happy, his tail was wagging anyway ;)

We woke up to more snow again this morning but I'm hoping we've seen the last of it, rain is forecast for the weekend and a positively balmy 6 degrees! When the snow falls the world is beautiful place, almost magical but as you get older you realise it has it's downsides too. My youngest reckons I'm a good candidate for the "Grumpy Old Men" TV show :O)

So this is a shot of three benches on my local cricket ground, in a few short months the sun will be shining and the benches will be full of people enjoying the match with a cool drink or two, not a moment too soon will it be!



SamanthaClarke said...

This is beautiful!

Elaine- said...

stunning shot, i can almost feel the quiet cold in my bones!!! and yes i can see the ghosts of summer on those benches :)