Sunday, 25 October 2009

Steady As

A bit of a washout weekend really.

A silly reoccurring dream saw me awake at stupid o'clock on Saturday morning and at work at just gone 6am. Then home to my ill wife and felt a bit rough myself (thanks Jo for sharing with us ;). Had lots planned for today but with one thing or another I seemed to accomplish very little!

Another shot from along the Norfolk coast then, just walking along the beach and came across these. Not much more to say about it really.



Elaine- said...

i love those rock sculptures, i always wonder who had the patience to make them and leave them there for our enjoyment :) nice shot my friend

martie said...

Love this! The gorgeous water and waves, and the rocks - stacked just so by some other wandering soul. Hope you and the Mrs are feeling much better now.

Sammy-J said...

this one is fantastic! great shot.

Jeanne said...

Cool! Love the light and that beautiful water!