Friday, 23 October 2009

In The Frame

So I said that I would be processing some images on my last post.

Well I did but then some twerp managed to cut through the telephone line and the lines were down for two days for the whole village!!

I shot several frames at this scene whilst I still had a little light and was able to hand hold (left the tripod back at the house). Then all these folks turned up so I shot some more and was glad I did so. I had a further dilemma in as much as I couldn't decide between this version and B&W, they have a completely different feel to each other, if you're interested you can see the B&W version here.

Let me know your thoughts as always.



Jason said...

Where was this taken...? What is the structure...? I really love the colours and this is what makes it for me. Thanks for also posting the b+w version, but it does not have the same pop as the colour version.

BuonaLuce said...

Fantastic colors and silhouettes. Lovely winter sea

Elaine- said...

The sunset is so beautiful, and just not there in the black and white version, so i like the colour version's a beautiful shot, love the people silhouettes, wonder what they are all doing :)

martie said...

Wow! I love this one! Purples and pinks, and wonderful silhouttes. I really enjoy B&W so I looked at this one there too, expecting to like it more. But you know what? This time I honestly can't decide which I like better, and then thought why bother choosing? I'll just love 'em both! Wonderful work.