Monday, 19 October 2009

In Pursuit of Perfection

I knew I hadn't blogged for a while , maybe a few days, a week perhaps. Well it came as a shock to me that it had in fact been 18 days!!

I've just been busy at home and definitely work too, it's gone crazy and being a very small place we're struggling to keep up at the moment!

So onto the image then, nothing remarkable about it in photography terms I know. I was asked not such a short time ago (in fact it was quite a long time ago) if I thought I could make an artist's watercolour box. Based on an antique design but with an extra drawer so it could hold tubes of colour as well as pans of colour in the top section. It will be on display in Ace Arts shop towards the end of this of this week. Oh yes and I did make the brushes too!

As for the title; Perfection it is not and that's the point. I strive for perfection in almost everything I do usually to my detriment, especially when making something. I never meet that goal, the perfectionists curse! Perhaps one day I shall achieve that aim but I doubt it, there will always be something I will wish I had done better, whether that be making something, taking and processing photographs or washing the car! I'm still trying to work out if this is a good or bad frame of mind to be in?

I'm going to try and process some more stuff tonight so hopefully it won't be too long before I post some real photography ;)



Elaine- said...

it IS perfection, you just don't recognize it because being a perfectionist is impossible... i used to be a perfectionist, it got me results, but no life in those results, only a weird sort of misery... i'm much better now, i mess up all my photos and make them out of focus and enjoy it immensely!!! anyway, nice shot, love those perfect tipped brushes, and i would love to have that box!!

z-vet said...

What a beauty! So special and unique. And shot very well, don't underrate your work. :) Bravo!

csj said...

Nice box, very well made mate, i wish I wish I had the skill to turn my hand to making something like that.

18Days - piff paff, I haven't blogged in 3 months.... not proud of it, just been focusing on work life at the moment.

Tammy-Cricket said...

Hey Craig,

I think this box is just beautiful. I know you spend MANY hours making this.

As far as pictures, I feel the same way. I did not realize time had passed so quickly and I had not posted a image.

Really, that is a good thing. It shows we are out there and living. If I could find that happy middle ground and not become obsessed with photography then that would be a positive. Someone how I have not mastered this. I'm working on it.

martie said...

You made the box and brushes?? You are a craftsman! Beautiful work - the woodwork, brushes and the photography!!

Anonymous said...


I've just read Gene Ha post about brushes and your comment on it. I'm a comic book artist in Brazil and I would like to know how to order brushes from you. Do you make them based on specifications of the buyer or do you have a catalogue? What's you price range?