Monday, 26 October 2009

After The Rain

It's Monday, what more can I say?

I'm not one to moan (hold on, yes I am) but something today really ticked me off. I can't go on without mentioning names etc so I won't, here's hoping tomorrow is a better day!

The image then; the only day we had any rain whilst away this year was our last day there. It wasn't much but sent everyone dashing for cover which cleared the crowded pier in an instant. Just after it stopped I took the opportunity to click a couple of frames, I would have preferred it to be devoid of people altogether but I guess you have to get up early for that!



Elaine- said...

oooooooh i love love the blue grey cast to the picture, it looks faded and beautiful, you know i'm partial to this sort of processing :) well done you!!

Tammy-Cricket said...

Hey Craig! What a fantastic image. I never can remember to get LOW. Your angle was right on with this photograph. I like the simple processing as well.

I hope your day is better! I had one of those myself yesterday. I finally stayed offline and away from others until it all passed.

Seraphine said...

in the end, the rain will win.
the pier is no match for the ocean,
the clouds, the rain,
the years that inevitably pass
like footsteps
people and whole families
looking down at
nails being pushed out from the wood
and waves
of rain.

Anne said...

that's a great perspective