Sunday, 22 November 2009


It's been another week since I last posted.

It's all been work, work, work, evenings & weekends but last weekend I was trying to be efficient and clear some RAW files from my hard drive, either by processing them or just deleting them because I knew I would never use them.

I didn't get through many but it's a start eh? Anyhoo I came across this one which quite liked and seeing the little time I've had over recent weeks it seemed most appropriate!



martie said...

Love the B&W of this one. The poor sundials won't be getting much these short days of winter. Lovely shot - I really like the angle of this one.

Elaine- said...

how PRETTY Craig!!!! i love it!! i have gone back to using textures, i case you had seen one here or there... just more subtle ones, i just like textures too much... yours looks great!

z-vet said...

Nice toning and processing Craig, i absolutely like it.

SamanthaClarke said...

fantastic bw image!!

Bob Towery said...

It's hard to say how much I respect this image. This is a well crafted visual treat, for sure. Love all the symbolism. Your post is just fantastic. Would be interesting to see the original image. WELL DONE!

sherri said...

This is lovely. I've always been intrigued by sundials.