Sunday, 29 November 2009

20p View

Cromer North Norfolk
Blah blah blah.........................or I've nothing new to say since last time.

Work has been crazier if anything but I'm sure you're sick of me talking about it. I've blogged just to give my brain a rest from thinking about it! I sure am looking forward to some time off over Christmas, I've just got to convince the family that the black Christmas tree is in fact a cool idea ;)

As for the image, not a lot to say about that really either, it is what it is!



z-vet said...

I like the title and this feeling of quiet evening on this shot.
Black Christmas tree? What do you mean? :)

martie said...

I like this one - just before the dark comes so I can still see the water, but dark enough for the lights to be on too. Magical time!

elaine- said...

black Christmas tree???????? haha what did you do have a wee electrical mishap? set your polyester tree on fire? lol nice shot my friend, good to see you posting :)

Tammy-Cricket said...

Hey Craig...I thought I left a comment on here earlier this week. I will try this again.

I love this time of the day. Beautifulimage.

Black Christmas tree? Do tell.