Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Golden Age

Anyone who has been reading for more than a day or so will realise I have a head stuck in the past.

Mostly it's the 40's but I just like old stuff in general. I like to rescue things, fix them, restore them and of course photograph them. Perhaps it's my age making things worse? In a few short weeks I shall be 40, life has whizzed by so far so fast that perhaps I am looking at "the good old days" with ever more rose tinted spectacles?

I was going to say that maybe I'll have a mid life crisis soon but I've had a look around and the evidence of cupboards full of model kits, balsa wood gliders, a 1980's BMX and all sorts of other retro junk here in my office tell me that I haven't actually grown up yet so I'm at no risk whatsoever ;O) Phew!!

The above image sparked this off, I think this old train is suited well to the textures treatment but I have chucked in an extra twist on this one.

Let me know your thoughts as ever.



fotosppf said...

Great job, excellent shots. I will put in my blog list. Thank you so much show you art for us.

Elaine- said...

sorry craig, i can't get your picture to display :( even when i click on it to go to where you have them stored, it doesn't show... i'm sure it's beautiful, sniff sniff

Elaine- said...

oh it's beautiful Craig!!! did you notice that i'm a little bit back into textures? just a bit lol light textures :) i love this picture Craig, what was the little twist?

Anonymous said...

Excellent creation Craig - awesome image and technique.

Bob Towery said...

Absolutely stunning image. People might think any old pic of a train makes a compelling image. Not so! It's harder than it looks. Great compo here, and the texture - magical.

Carolyn Ford said...

Beautiful! The texture is so excellent...wow!

Ann said...

good memories, did you hear yesterday's news about Thomas the train enginee yesterday?