Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Signs of Ageing#2

Funny how the mind works, well mine anyway.

I find myself sometimes shooting & processing images with other people's appeal in mind but when all is said and done I can only produce work that pleases me first and hope that others like it too.

So with that in mind here's another shot of my ageing friend. After carefully processing the image from raw I then went to extremes and darkened it right up because I liked the way it looked and the way the face popped out. A lot of detail is lost but I like it that way for once. Was I right? Let me know as ever.



ID7 said...

quality whittling mate, did you do it, or is it resident amongst the trees where you live, I love the subject, and the way you've finished it. Nice image... definately one for the folio.....

CraigM said...

CJ, thanks, means a lot pal. I didn't carve it though, I wish was that talented! It's on a tree in the grounds of Hatfield House (see previous post)