Monday, 2 June 2008

Signs of Ageing

My last day off of work and not spent the way I intended, dropped the car off at the garage to have some brake pads fitted (hadn't planned on that for a start but a nasty noise yesterday prompted me to do so). An hour, a phone call accompanied by a sharp intake of breath later and the price trebled!! Why am I still surprised? It happens every time and not just to me. Ho hum, such is life, could be worse for sure.

Spent yesterday at Hatfield House which I had not visited before. It was great and besides the house and gardens there are some fantastic metal sculptures along the woodland walk which is where I found this fellow looking out from the trunk of a tree. Kinda groovy and spooky at the same time. Might post another of him tomorrow. Might drop him some Nivea off next time I go, looks like the wrinkles are getting to be a problem!

Oh and the new Paul Weller album 22 Dreams dropped through my letter box this morning (it's grooving away in the background as I write). Fantastic, the man is still progressing, still relevant, always seeking out new sounds and creating them. You can keep your ageing rock stars, peddling out the same old stuff year after year, playing the same gigs over and and over again. Go buy it, get the Deluxe Edition, it's worth it just for "Rip The Pages Up" IMHO of course, your mileage may vary.