Sunday, 27 April 2008

Coned Off

Blimey what a weekend!

My little walking friend and general photography hindrance Terry has been ill this weekend. Ending in a rather expensive trip to the veterinary college this afternoon where they told me he was sick and all for the bargain price of £130! He seems to have turned a corner this evening and whilst still very poorly and feeling very sorry for himself I think (hope) he's on the mend.

So whilst he's Zzz across my side of the bed I'm here looking at images. Getting to know the 40D a little better and I shot this frame out on our local golf course which, unlucky for them and great for us, has two public footpaths running through it. It's a beautiful place, I can understand the attraction-it's just a pity you have to knock that little ball round with you!

Oh yes anonymous comments are now allowed so no need to log in to comment, so let me know what you think!

Update, edited this again, decided I didn't like the first one!



csj said...

You see now this one works well, almost like little trees in themselves, and with the drop focus, dof bokah it works a charm, looks like your gettng to grips well with your new camera, dare I say its given your images a new edge!....we just need to get you a new landscape to be in to try it out..... csj