Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Blot on The Landscape?

Another busy day, despite talk of "The Credit Crunch" & "Downturns" I seem to be busier than ever which is a good thing!

Tez seems to be on the mend, not 100% but his tail is wagging again and he's got his woof back, never thought I'd be so glad to hear him barking, funny little chap.

Today's image is another looking across our local golf course and another experiment in my steep editing learning curve. Blot? Well in the distance you can just see the piles of minerals extracted from a local quarry, some call it a blot and want it to be closed but it provides many jobs. I wonder if those wishing for closure think of that? One day there will be no more to extract and the land will be restored, I see no need to hurry that along at the expense of working people and their families. Your mileage may vary as they say!

A quick edit, I've now posted the uncropped version too. Which is better? You decide!



csj said...

the camera is obviosuly working well for you mat,e because there is an instant improvement in quality and feel to your pics....that said, try not to bisect the horizon and have main subject dead centre in a 2x1 /16:9 ratio, it kind plays with your mind... ;-) try to stick to the thirds rule. Glad to hear Tez is ok.