Friday, 29 February 2008

A Step In The Right Direction!

TFI Friday, even if I do have to work tomorrow too :(

It's been a good week, had my Thorny Subject image from my first posting here put onto canvas and it looks great, even if I do say so myself. So my thanks to Robert at RLG Visual Communications a shameless plug I know, the guy does great work and can create a great piece of art for your home or office etc from your own images, check his website out and get in touch!

That brings me to another point, if you're interested in one of my images get in touch. They are available in many different sizes and prices will be reasonable :0) Please do not save them yourself, my images are copyrighted and my permission is needed to use them.

Today's image is a new bridge finally put up on the Hertfordshire way after the old one collapsed a long while ago, not quite the shot I wanted of this but it's close!

Until next time



ID7 said...

Mate I like this shot, nice angle of view, and I like the toning. I wish with this blogger software I could write comments and see the image aswell, as I like to add elements to my thoughts as I type, but anyway I liked what I saw.

Robert Kruh said...

Beautiful bridge, great perspective and view! Well done.