Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Nights are Getting Shorter

Won't be long till summer comes as the song says (well it says warmer really but hey ho). Let's hope it's A Long Hot Summer as my favourite TSC song says.

Had enough of these dark winter days and it's nice to leave work in the (almost) daylight!

Well huge congratulations to Matt & Sarah, baby Jack was born at 10.45am yesterday (the 6th) and the little fella is all good :) I'm a great uncle again!

The image is another from the same series as the last post and reminds me that warmer weather is on it's way-sometime!


ID7 said...

Nice images mate, your coming on with the text and image thing, glad the baby popped out ok, that was the last entry I caught, but I like this image a lot, and the one of Tezza of course!!! CJ. Thanks for leaving comments on ID7, and Dave refernced one of your quotes mate, so you must be quite profound in what you say... good stuff.