Thursday, 28 August 2008

Long Way Back

I thought I'd completely lost it this morning.

As I was driving to work, on the brow of the hill I live on, I could see a large shape in the sky. Too large for an airliner but it was way off in the misty cloud, cigar shaped?! Then I lost sight of it, all the way to work I kept looking but not a sign. Aliens? Ghost of an airship? The girls at work thought I'd cracked too until one of them phoned me this afternoon and told of the headline "Cardington airship finally takes off, first airship cruise since the 1930's" Phew my sanity gets another close escape and it's been tested to the limit lately!

Great news for Cardington too, the hangers have been saved from being turned into warehousing and are being used just as they were intended. Don't think I'll be booking a ticket though, only 5k each-wonder if that includes taxes?

Today's image is one of two very similar shots I have and it took me a long time to decide which one to post today. Using a split raw conversion I was quite happy with the outcome if not the composition so much. Might post the other tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

knackered, but still looking and g mate... will be in touch soon.... CJ

Anonymous said...

:-) Suz

Alexia said...

I love your work and thank you so much for what you said on my site.. I will keep adding and will add this site to my favorites and will come back also and check on your work.. keep smiling Alexia :) x