Saturday, 16 January 2010

At Peace

Just a quick post, I've not a lot to say today :)

One of favourite shots from last summer not perhaps because there was anything remarkable about the image but it reflected the way I was feeling at the time. I've mentioned before I know but when walking along the beach on a day such as this was I feel at peace with myself and the world around me, a feeling I don't really get anywhere else.

Right I'm off to cook dinner and open a bottle of something, which comes a close second to the above in some respects ;)



Elaine- said...

very nice shot, the guy walking in the distance looks like he feels the same as you do about it... prolly from the negative ions in the air.. or is that only from RUSHING water?

Yvonne said...

Love that feeling you talked about! I also get it from being by the water, we should both try to do that more. Love the picture of the guy walking away.

Nukke said...

In a place like that you can find peace !!!!! One can almost smell that fresh wind by looking at your pic !